Sunday, August 17, 2014

(Completed) Alpine WSS Wiking

Calling this project done for now. Some photos for sharing. Part of the MP40 sling was made from paper. Perhaps more weathering on the winter pants and boots before senging this off for IPMS Belgium :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

(WIP 2) Alpine WSS Wiking

Took on the challenge of painting white for the winter pants. I think it's decent for a first attempt. I started with a mix of off white & a small amount of burnt sienna as the base before laying on the highlights and glazing in the shadows. I am leaning towards some light weathering on the pants instead of the muddy works. (Had a bad experience with mud, still not proficient with such effects)

Base: Off White + small amount of Burnt Sienna
Highlights: Base + mix of Naples Yellow Hue/ Flesh Base, Titanium White
Shadows: Glaze with Burnt Sienna

I also pushed the highlights on the parka, hoping they would "pop out". While the bulk of the figure is almost done, there's some minor tweaks due to harmonize the colours. Hope to complete this in time for show organised by IPMS Belgium :)