Sunday, March 16, 2014

(Completed) Rolf Steiner, Cross of Iron, Alexandros Models

Finally found some time to complete this excellent bust of Rolf Steiner portrayed by James Coburn. I was deliberating on weathering the camouflage jacket but decided to hold back for now. Perhaps when I have mustered enough courage.

The camouflage jacket had me frustrated during the course of the project. Despite having references, I felt the camouflage could be improved. Highlighting and shading of the camouflage pattern also tested my patience. 

Attaching the sling to the PPsH was challenging as the sling needs to angle quite a fair bit. To increase the range of movement, a small loop was fashioned from fine wire and the sling was attached to it . This was followed by drilling a hole through the "sling loop" on the barrel and finally attaching the sling to the weapon. This is a delicate "operation" and must urge patience and care. A slip would be disastrous, resulting in the breakage and untold heartache.

Loop for ease of attaching sling to PPsH

The rest of the bust is rather straight forward to assemble and paint. 

Here are the photos of the completed bust. To follow the project from start till completion check out the following link: Rolf Steiner (WIP)

[27 Mar 14]: Armorama ran a build / paint feature for this project at the following link : Rolf Steiner : Cross of Iron feature