Sunday, June 29, 2014

(Completed) Petty Officer, Royal Naval Air Service, Antwerp 1914

Based on the reference photos, the uniform of the subject is dark navy blue.

This makes it kinda challenging (for me) to "play" with the shadows since the uniform is a rather dark. Nonetheless it was a good exercise for me to better understand blue :) The uniform started out a little turquoise, this was brought towards blue the glazing with mixtures of Prussian Blue + Black. Black was reserved for the darkest of shadows.

The base is looking kinda sparse for a city under seige. Will be looking for suitable material to create the chaotic atmosphere.

Base : Prussian Blue + a tiny bit of Orche Yellow
Highlights: Base color + Orche Yellow / Fawn or a color with yellow bias 
Shadows: Prussian Blue + Black, Black
Glazes: Prussian Blue



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  1. Wow, this is amazing. I thought you were talking about the model kits that you buy in hobby shops. o.O

    Great job :) I'll take a deeper look through your blog when I have time, currently in the office.

    See ya soon Rompy,