Saturday, October 4, 2014

(WIP 3) Life 6th German Army Stalingrad 1942

The Jon Sonja colors used to render the completed tunic are as follows:

Base: Olive Green + French Blue + Prussian Blue
Shadows: Base + Prussian Blue + Burnt Umber
Highlights: Base + Skin Tone Base

The key is to paint in thin layers and create a gradual transition of colors that is lightest at the top (shoulder) to the lowest part of the bust. To emphasise the highlights, a mix of Skin Base Tone + White was used  to pick out the highest areas. Likewise to create a distinct shadow area, a mix of Prussian Blue + Burnt Umber was introduced into the darkest folds of the uniform. In some case, I used Carbon Black to further vary the dark areas.

Glass Lenses

A fellow member of planetFigure (Thanks Nap !) introduced me to a product, Kristal Klear, to create the lenses of the glasses. I found a youtube video ( showing how it was done. In the case of this bust, I used a size 2 brush instead of a toothpick to drag the medium across the glasses as the gap is larger.

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