Monday, March 16, 2015

(WIP 1) Gaul Chieftain, 1st Century BC

Keeping to the medieval theme, I am going further back into history with the 75 mm Gaul Chieftain , 1st Century BC by Pegaso Models.

Departing from the resin kits I tend to work with, white metal models possess their own charm. Albeit requiring more effort to prepare the model for painting. Having pinned some of the parts in place, I proceeded to prime with Grey primer. Only to find an almost exhausted can of primer...hence the photo had unprimed parts.

The weekend was spent rendering the main torso of the figure along with the groundwork. The beauty of smaller scales allow a much faster turnaround. Taking reference from the box art, I adopted a similar earthly color scheme to render the tunic and pants.

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