Thursday, December 26, 2013

(WIP 2) German Fallschirmjäger, Monte Cassino, 1944, Young Miniatures

Be gentle when handling the chin straps and the ammunition belts should you decide to take on this figure. They are rather thin and fragile.

Attaching the chin straps
The chin straps come in 3 pieces which were glued into the recess of the helmet. The chin straps were left till the end as I did not want them to obstruct the face during painting. While it seemed like a good decision as first, fitting the chin straps in place is not an easy task. More so when you risk smearing CA glue over the completed face ! Patience and care are required. As well as a hairdryer to bend the lower chin strap to shape.

Pinning the ammunition belts
The ammunition belts came in 3 separate pieces which had to be linked up. After bending them to fit the contours of the bust, holes were made with a 0.5mm drill and soft wire used to string the belts up. It was no surprise when I accidentally snapped one of the belts during drilling. Thankfully the break was between the bullets and could be fixed by pinning them together.

Painting of the belts
The belts were painted or rather "polished" in the same manner as the MG34. Graphite from a 6B pencil was rubbed onto a cotton swab (Q-tip for some) which was used to "polish" the belts. (The belts were given a black basecoat prior) In essence its like dry brushing. The end result is a rather pleasant gun metal sheen to the belt links. 

All that remains is the right arm holding onto the MG34. Hopefully it will be done soon and more photos will follow.

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