Saturday, February 8, 2014

(WIP 2) Rolf Steiner, Cross of Iron, Alexandros Models

Calling the face done for now. Placed the head back on the bust for some checks. Seems like the eyes are a little off ... will fix that another time :) Time to move onto other parts of the bust.


Managed to find some time to work on the feldbluse over the weekend. Pity much of it will be covered when the PPsH is attached.

I was asked on Planetfigure on how the color of the Feldbluse was achieved and also how was the stubble painted. Here is my sharing :)

Stubble / 5'o clock shadow

With regards to the beard stubble, I used Jo Sonja's Hooker's Green & Burnt Sienna.I don't really keep track of the proportions since I "eyeball" the colors till I find its to my liking. By doing so, you will be able to get a variation of colors since the proportions tend to be different. For this bust, I wanted the stubble to stand out more, so only a little water was added to mix the 2 colors. You can use a tiny bit of retarder in lieu of water. 

The key is a brush with a sharp point. I don't think the type of hair on the brush matters. I was using a cheap synthetic brush to individually "dot" the stubbles. It was a size 2 brush since it can hold more paint. Multiple passes are required to build up the stubble. I work from top down to the chin, then chin back up to above the lip.

Field Grey for Feldbluse

As shared in my response to SG's query on the stubble, I don't have a fixed proportion to the colors used as I eyeball the colors will I am satisfied. Having said that, I can share how I arrived at the field grey. Its like cooking or alchemy :)

I started out by mixing Jo Sonja French Blue and Olive Green. The result is a rather dull looking mixture but still lacking the darker shades for field grey. To that, I added just a little Prussian Blue to darken it. (Ultramarine blue would be too bright). If you added too much Prussian Blue, add a little Olive Green to push it back towards green. You should be getting a dark blue-greenish mix. Finally add some Cad Orange to "kill"/dull the green to a slightly greyish color.

Hope my layman explanation helps. It's about trial and error. Overtime, you will develop a knack to "see" the colors :)

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