Sunday, February 2, 2014

(WIP 1) Rolf Steiner, Cross of Iron, Alexandros Models

Kickstarting a new project based on the main character from the 1977 war flick, Cross of Iron, by Sam Peckinpah. Starring James Coburn as Cpl Rolf Steiner, the movie is set in the Eastern front during the Battle of the Caucasus of late 1943.

The bust is a masterful sculpt by Korean sculptor, Eborin, for Alexandros Models. Casting is sharp  and without no air bubbles. Assembly is straight forward with minimal clean up.

Started off with the head, highlights and shadows were quickly marked to block out the working areas. The 2nd image shows the result after an hour of mucking around.

The base colour from the Max Wunsche project was reused. To that Jo Sonja plum pink, burnt sienna and burnt umber was added to create the shadows as I wanted to try a different approach to create the face. Trying to add more "life" to the bust :)

Quite satisfied with the skin stone after 2 sessions in the evenings. The facial hair will follow shortly before rounding up with painting of the eyes :)

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