Sunday, January 26, 2014

(WIP 4) Max Wünsche, 12th SS Panzer Regiment, Western Front, 1944, Young Miniatures

After some struggling with the highlights and shadows for the Italian Camouflage jacket, I am calling it done for now. Some lessons I learnt from tackling this camouflage scheme.
  • Blues and Reds as shadows Red, being the complementary colour green, when mixed with blue gives violet which gives a nice shadow when glazed into the folds of the sleeves and jacket. Adding more blue gives blue-violet which also complements the blue biased dark green base.
  • Work on small areas This time round, I took on the whole bust during each session as opposed to painting and completing an area before moving to the next section. I found this frustrating as given the larger area, it takes more session before results can be observed. Maybe I am just impatient. Next time I will try completing smaller sections before moving on.
  • Leather belt While this is not related to the camouflage scheme, it's still part of the jacket. Not wanting to distract the viewer from the camouflage scheme, I went for a simple black belt. Instead of painting it just black, the base colour of the belt was a mixture of Burnt Umber and Carbon Black. Followed by Burnt Umber for highlights and Burnt Umber + Raw Sienna for the final highlight to define the holes in the belt. Carbon Black was carefully painted into the areas where the belt buckle would leave a depression.
  • "Panel" Lines While I use a 2/0 brush to draw the lines, the lines are not consistent and are rather "fat" at some points. I guess practise is key here ...
With the camouflage completed, I can take move on to the easier stuff which are the cables for the headset and throat microphone, the map case and his gloves.

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