Friday, January 3, 2014

(WIP 1) Max Wünsche, 12th SS Panzer Regiment, Western Front, 1944, Young Miniatures

Work on the face started after some cleaning, pinning and filling in minor gaps on the bust.

With a quick black basecoat, highlights and shadows were blocked in to define the shape of the face. As I found the face too round for my liking, I introduced more shadows at the cheeks and emphasised the jawline to give the perception of a sharper chin.

The colours (Jo Sonja Acrylics) used to render the face are as follows. 

Base: Raw Sienna + Skin Tone Base + Naples Yellow Hue + Rose Pink
Highlights: Naples Yellow Hue
Shadows: Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Brown Madder

Generally I will put a drop of each colour on the wet palette and mix them as I go along, varying the proportion from time to time. This serves to introduce variation in colours as opposed to painting from a fixed palette of colours. Some of these colours were also diluted for glazing. For example, Brown Madder was used to glaze cheeks, nose area while Raw Sienna mixed with some Brown Madder was glaze to bring parts of the face together.

The white of the eyes was painted with Skin Tone Base.The iris of the eye was painted in Ultramarine Blue with Skin Tone Base added to Ultramarine Blue for the highlights. Black was used for the pupil and White for the catch-light.

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