Friday, January 24, 2014

(Prelude 2) The Few, RAF Fighter Pilot, 1940 Battle of Britain, Life Miniatures

A week ago, I shared a preview of Life Miniature's latest bust titled, The Few. I was pleasantly surprised or rather blown away this morning when I saw Sang Eon Lee's completed box art for their 1st release of 2014.

The kit, comprising of 17 piece, is nothing short of a masterpiece and has taken the figure modelling community by storm. The bust is that of a youthful pilot, grinning away while giving his precious cocker spaniel puppy an reassuring scratch on the head. The pup with soulful eyes, clambering up the right shoulder of his master, gives an insight into the perils these men faced during each mission. Nothing short of amazing for capturing these emotions between the 2 subjects.

Coupled with Sang Eon Lee's awesome paint job, Life Miniatures puts the Life into figures.

I have placed my order with M Workshop and hopefully find some time for some unboxing and a short write up. Personally, I feel this is one bust that must not be missed and should be in everyones collection. 

Without further ado, here are the box art from Life Miniatures.




  1. Don´t you think that the dog is to much on the back of the pilot?. I´d rather that, at least, its front legs were more visible and the head a bit more on. By the way, you´ve really did a superb work with this great piece!.

  2. This is not my work. It's by the master Sang Eon Lee :)

  3. I undernstand, but what´s your opinion about that point?. I agree, it´s a masterpiece as it is and your painting work is really outstanding.

    1. Sorry, but I notice now that the painting work is by Sang E. Lee himself (as you mention above). But my interest was to hear from another modeller about the right position of the dog. No need to answer, so thanks for your time.

    2. No worries. Due recognition must be given to the painter :) As to the position of the cocker spaniel, personally i think it's fine. The main subject is the pilot so having the dog further back would provide a distinction which is the main subject. Having the dog in this position would also give the impression that it's missing its owner and trying hard to climb on the shoulder, seeking affection :)

  4. Thanks, it´s a good explanation. This is a expensive bust but it´s really superb. Regards,