Friday, January 17, 2014

(Prelude 1) The Few, RAF Fighter Pilot, 1940 Battle of Britain, Life Miniatures

Life Miniatures will be releasing it's 9th bust in the coming weeks and the first for 2014. As with the previous releases we have seen so far, Sang Eon Lee does not disappoint !

Aptly titled "The Few", the bust depicts a youthful RAF fighter pilot during the Battle of Britain in 1940. Faced with overwhelming odds, these dashing and brave young men took to the skies in defiant defence against the Luftwaffe. While not much details have been released by Life Miniatures, with Sang's past track record, this bust will be a stunner and keeper for sure. 

As we wait for the release date, and hopefully glean more sneak peaks from Life Miniatures, here's the teaser picture to keep us going a little longer ...

*The cocker spaniel sealed the deal for me :)

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