Friday, May 2, 2014

(Completed) Tommy's War Vignette "Dogfight"

Completed this lovely vignette on 2 May 14.  Great figures from Tommy's War. The Sopwith Camel was from Academy. Not the best of fit but it got the job done with some putty and filing. This vignette also marks my 1st attempt at building WW1 albeit 1/2 of it. Despite being 1/2 a plane, the rigging had me frustrated at times as the right tension must be applied to keep the threads taut and CA glue carefully applied. Nonetheless it was a great fun.

I like this scale as the face of the figures are still manageable to paint and would be painting more 54mm scale figures in the future :)


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  1. Finally I get to see the completed work! NICE!