Sunday, May 18, 2014

(WIP 1) Tommy's War Private 4th Bn Middlesex Regiment Mons 1914

Started on the this project a week ago. Here's a picture of the progress. 

The subject is private from the 4th Bn Middlesex Regiment marching off to the Battle of Mons. The groundwork suggest he is marching through the city where recruitment posters are being put up. I will be making a can of glue & brush which will be placed on the posters to complete the groundwork.

The recruitment posters are available online. The one with Lord Kitchener stuck with me the most :) While technically the poster should not exist during the Battle of Mons, I felt it was a nice touch and decided to dispense with history for once. 

The poster was first used in September 1914 while the Battle of Mons took place in August 1914

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